Time does not exist,

Then Remains the Mystery of its Perfection.

Watchmaking is an Art,

Exigency is the Heart,

Rarity is the Soul.

Our specifications are rigorous and based on the highest quality standards. Our watches are checked at all stages of production; they meet the luxury and traditional Swiss watchmaking's criterias and expertise.

I am a watch designer.
I have filed three watchmaking innovation patents in my career.
25 years ago, my employers said my models were too expensive to manufacture.
Today, nothing has changed: my watches offer very high-end finishes, premium materials, Swiss manufacturing, uncompromising quality and racy style .
It's all your advantage. Why ? Because we sell our products directly, and our margin is X2. Therefore, Bohen watches are between four and six times lower prices compared to the big brands .

Our Followers voted:

The Bohen Mille-Mer will be produced before the StarDiver.

Bohen StarDiver.

Titanium Diver Watch.

Military Standard.

Bohen Mille Mer.

Soon opening for sale

Divers Watch 1000m Waterproof.

High-End Luxury Finish.

IMPORTANT: Our watches will be on sale in a few months. In the meantime, there is no need to become a member. Just send us your email to stay informed and follow our project. Vote for the model you prefer, follow the calendar, making the prototypes, determine your preferred options, take priority when the sales campaign is launched. It's completely free and without ads: We are against aggressive sales methods.

timeline Bohen fr.png
Série limitée
500 pieces

We selected one of the best Swiss manufacturers to produce our timepieces. 

Our TRUST in the  QUALITY  

leads us to offer you a 5 year guarantee on the

" AMBASSADOR " series.




          You can Trust

Made in




5 Year



I really look forward to ordering the Bohen Mille Mer, the design is just FANTASTIC !!!

Patrick J.P.

Great Britain


Why &

When Become a member ?

The "AMBASSADOR" series will only be produced in 500 copies, exclusively reserved for the Bohen Circle's members .

Later, you will be able to become a member, and perhaps an "Ambassador".

In the meantime, you can follow our project and participate in the stages preceding the sale:

1: Choose which of the two models will be produced first .

2: Be consulted on possible modifications or improvements.

3: Choose the options that will be offered.

4: When the prototypes are fully developed, you can become a member, or Ambassador and participate at the presentation's event, try the watch and deliver your testimony to those who were unable to come.

Bohen is an independent French Watchmaker. We sell our Swiss-Made watches directly to customers at factory price, in order to offer an exceptional value for money. Our production is deliberately limited, centered on the high-end luxury Swiss manufacturing. Our StarDiver and Mille Mer models are designed to be one of the best diving watches.