BOHEN is an independent brand, which makes us free to be as creative as we want. No one can stop our ideas, no one can say "that detail is too expensive" or "the crown is not placed in the right place" nor "the back-case engravements are too deep".



From this freedom, emanates

the IDENTITY of Bohen.


Being absolutely passionate about watches, I am not following the market trends. What I design for Bohen watches must make me dream. They are racy, made for those who seek for a Difference.


In addition, everything is done to provide you the true spirit of a beautiful work.


A Bohen timepiece must be so reliable that it can be transmitted from

one generation to the next, from a father to his son...

Bohen adopts a Limited Production strategy:

limited series, and waiting Lists.

RARETY is a part of Bohen's contract, especially as it increases the pleasure to own such a precious timepièce.



Excellency, Reliability, Precision.


At 52 years old, I don't want to do things other than what I am passionate about.

I decided to create Bohen timepieces while respecting my tastes, my desires and my requirements.

And this love for perfection, I want to share it with you.

Blaise-Dominique Giuliani, founder of Bohen.

Bohen is an independent French watchmaker. We sell our watches straight to customers at factory price, in order to offer an exceptional value for money. Our production is deliberately limited, centered on the high-end luxury Swiss manufacturing. Our StarDiver and Mille Mer models are designed to be one of the best diving watches.