Timeless Elegance, With an exceptional reliability .

  • Diving 100 ATM 1,000 m / 3.300 ft.

  • Helium exhaust valve.

  • Swiss Automatic movement in premium finish + decor.

  • Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Date.

  • Crown at 12 o'clock (only two other models in the world).

  • Internal date magnifier, unique in the world (registered model).

  • Double layer treated sapphire dome glass.

  • Anamagnetic.

  • Phosphorescent markers (green).

  • Beauty of hand finishes.

  • Ratchet buckle.

         Materials :

  • Aerospace standard stainless steel box,

         "Diamond" polished side pieces.

  • Grade 2 titanium .

  • Grade 5 titanium.

  • Ceramic.

  • Dimensions:
  • Bezel : 42 mm.
  • Lug to lug : 52 mm.
  • Height : 17.5 mm.
  • Strap width : 26 mm.

Estimated price :

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Ref BC1000MB.  Rubber strap.

Width 26mm.

Color : BLACK

What makes the Bohen Mille Mer an Exceptional Watch?

1st Watch equipped with an internal date magnifier :

A date magnifier is a magnification system intended to enlarge the date numerals.


For the Bohen Mille Mer, I wanted something impossible: combining a curved glass and a magnifying dates lens. Normally, it is not possible because a date lens needs to be glued on a flat glass.

Therefore, I developed an innovating device unprecedented in the watchmaking world: a lens connected by two bridges to a titanium ring, placed between the sapphire dome and the hands. This innovation required numerous long-term resistance calculations and extreme adjustment precision. To Bohen, engineering is not just a question of movement. Everything is done to achieve excellence.

Currently the only diver 1.000m with crown at 12 o'clock:


From my aknowledgement, only two other watches offer this option in the world. But these models are not 1000 meters waterproof.

A vertical crown offers great wearing comfort and a beautiful elegance of design.





Counter-slope dial.


Dials with counter-sloping edges (edges downwards inclined) are generally found on luxury watch models. They give a magnificent effect of depth but they are too bulky to fit into a diving watch. We have studied this issue and we have found a solution. So, our counter-slope dial brings the unique touch that gives a strong identity to our watches.

Multiple Treatments .


For the watchcase, we apply three different surface treatments, not counting the backcase engraved by deep machining. The movement has premium settings and a high-end finish.


There is a lot of work in a Bohen Watch. 

Kindly compare our  "Value for Money " with the most famous brands.



Swiss Made

Bohen is an independent French watchmaker. We sell our watches straight to customers at factory price, in order to offer an exceptional value for money. Our production is deliberately limited, centered on the high-end luxury Swiss manufacturing. Our StarDiver and Mille Mer models are designed to be one of the best diving watches.