Bohen & Beauty

  • Real reflection around design

  • Unique and specific identity

  • Care taken over finishes

  • Work on every detail

Bohen & Quality

  • Rigorous specifications

  • Selection of premium materials

  • High Finish movements

  • Controls at all stages

  • True Swiss Made

Bohen & Rarity

  • Ambassador series 500 pieces

  • Limited annual production

  • Higher demand than supply

Bohen & Prices

  • No distributor

  • No dealer

  • Light independent structure

  • No advertising campaigns

  • The Price is invested in the watch, nowhere else

Bohen is a direct selling brand. Our watches are expensive to manufacture, but that's not a problem: their prices are between four and six times lower compared to other famous brands.

Bohen is an independent French watchmaker. We sell our watches straight to customers at factory price, in order to offer an exceptional value for money. Our production is deliberately limited, centered on the high-end luxury Swiss manufacturing. Our StarDiver and Mille Mer models are designed to be one of the best diving watches.