A Bohen timepiece must be so reliable that it can be

to pass from one generation to another, from a father to his son ...

Bohen & Beauty

  • Real reflection around design

  • Unique and specific identity

  • Care taken over finishes

  • Work on every detail

2Bohen Mille Mer v10 crown 03_i1_0000.jp

Bohen & Quality

  • Rigorous specifications

  • Selection of premium materials

  • High Finish movements

  • Controls at all stages

  • Swiss Made

Bohen & Rarity

  • Ambassador series 500 pieces

  • Limited annual production

  • Higher demand than supply

2Bohen Mille Mer v10 dial 04.jpg

Bohen & Prices

  • No distributor

  • No dealer

  • Light independent structure

  • No advertising campaigns

  • The Price is invested in the watch, nowhere else

2bohen Mille Merv10 band 04.jpg