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Bohen's  TIMELINE :


The Bohen calendar depends on objectives to be reached and steps to be taken. The concept of time is difficult to estimate because the virus does not allow us to make serious forecasts. For this reason, the time line contains, for the moment, only stages of accomplishment. We will add details later.

Website design and content implementation.

Launch our newsletter.

Social media launch.

Objective of 1,000 followers reached.

Opening of the website for the first followers. Platform reliability tests, improvements. Website improvement questionnaire.

Development of Bohen's community.


Voting campaign to decide between the Bohen StarDiver and the Bohen Mille Mer. The watch that wins the vote will be produced first.

Consultations with the community and votes to choose the options. Packaging, additional watchbands, other modifications.

Launch of the final technical study of the watch.

Keep expanding our community.

Prototyping phase.

Target of 3,000 followers reached.

Followers can become members.

Members are invited to our presentation event : members can try the watch and give their comments.

We add watch photos on the website.

We add the event's videos, photos and comments from members.

Members have access to the sales campaign.

Putting watches into production.

Monitoring of production via the newsletter.

Last quality checks.

Shipping all watches to our customers.